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Hazardous roads
Crash on Nashville Highway at the top of Woodbury hill.
Bad roads
Motorists are having difficulty navigating Thursday's inclement weather.

Thursday has been a bad day for travel.

Motorists have been sliding off roads, getting stuck in ditches, and in some cases overturning.

Emergency responders have been busy throughout Warren County. There was a collision involving two vehicles in front of the Exxon station in Morrison on Manchester Highway.

A car was on its side after running off the road on Smithville Highway. There have also been accidents on Crisp Springs Road and Shelbyville Road. 

Nashville Highway was temporarily closed in Cannon County at the top of Woodbury hill when a tractor trailer and car ran off the side of the road. The road was closed so a wrecker could pull out the tractor trailer and the highway has since reopened.

"If you have to be out, don't drive too fast," said Road Superintendent Levie Glenn. "We're doing what we can and salting and plowing the main roads but there will be some side roads we can't get to so it's best to stay in if you can."

Glenn noted that salting roads is only effective if temperatures are above 15 degrees. He noted overnight temperatures Thursday night are predicted to drop to single digits.

"When it gets that cold, the salt won't do any good," said Glenn. "It's not supposed to warm up too much on Friday so it will probably be Saturday before we see much improvement."