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Gun allegedly pulled at Civic Center
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Felony assault charges have been filed against a jealous husband who allegedly pulled a gun on a man outside the Civic Center and then ran from police.The suspect, Jasmin Salkic, 45, of Morrison is charged with aggravated assault, which carries three to six years.According to McMinnville police officer Toby Lewis, the victim said he was sitting in a car in the Civic Center’s front parking lot with Salkic’s estranged wife Tuesday night.“He (the victim) stated Salkic brandished a handgun and jumped on the hood of the vehicle and pointed the handgun at him and began threatening to shoot him,” Lewis said in his report.The victim called police and Salkic reportedly ran away, taking refuge in the bushes near West Elementary before police arrived. He reportedly was picked up by his son a few minutes later.However, police knew the identity of the alleged attacker and showed up at his house. When confronted by police, Salkic denied having a gun.