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Griffith resigns, judicial commissoners reappointed
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The resignation of longtime judicial commissioner Jimmy Griffith was accepted Tuesday evening, while the remaining 10 were reappointed.
“One of our longtime commissioners, Jimmy Griffith, who has been a commissioner for 22 years gave me a letter of resignation the other night,” said county Policy and Personnel Committee chairman Ken Martin.
The letter says Griffith is resigning due to health issues.
“I had dinner with him a couple nights ago,” said Martin. “He is having a tough time. His health is not good. He did need to resign. I do understand that, but I will need a recommendation to the full Warren County Commission.”
The position will not be filled, says Martin.
“We’ve actually got 10 and they are all working different shifts and filling in. I really don’t think, at this point, we need to hire anybody. I think we are in good shape. Even if we lose another one, I think we would be OK. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it has. We have had quite a turnover in times past.”
Martin also asked for a recommendation to reappoint the 10 judicial commissioners.
“In March we have to reappoint the judicial commissioners every year and I recommend we go ahead and reappoint all of them at this point,” he said.
Commissioner Wayne Copeland gave a second to the motion by Commissioner Charles Morgan.
“In all the years I’ve been on this committee, I’ve only had one complaint against a judicial commissioner so I don’t see any reason not to at this point,” said Copeland.
“I appreciate the comment,” said Martin. “None of us are perfect. All of them, including everyone on this committee, makes mistakes. I recognize that, and I understand it.”
Commissioner Carlene Brown says she is in favor of the measure.
“I would just like to add that I’m going to vote favorably to this motion because I haven’t been told any reason why they aren’t doing a good job,” said Brown.
Committee members voted unanimously to accept the resignation and reappoint the remaining judicial commissioners and sent the items to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration. Commissioner Tommy Savage was absent.