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Grant Hitchcock elected Lipscomb SGA president

Warren County resident Grant Hitchcock has been elected as leader of the 3,000 undergraduate students at Lipscomb University.

Hitchcock, a Lipscomb junior concentrating in biological sciences, emerged as winner of a two-way runoff election as executive president of the Lipscomb Student Government Association.   The Warren County High School graduate was one of the two top vote-getters in the initial balloting April 6 but as neither claimed more than 50% the final selection went to a mandatory runoff the following day.

Hitchcock credits a strong electioneering ground game with many classmates working dormitories and student meetings. The winning campaign also mounted an active social media outreach with daily updates showcasing the candidate interacting with other undergrads.   

His mom’s (Jacqueline Hitchcock) homemade cookies handed out on Election Day didn’t hurt either.  

 “It was very exciting and I was very honored, knowing that the students had that much trust in me,” Hitchcock said.

The successful campaign, which had a budget ceiling of $100, was about more than election posters and cookies. Hitchcock and his team announced a substantive platform for improvements in university life. Atop the list is urging the administration to extend the nighttime hours of the library from 10 p.m. to midnight or later. In campus social life, the campaign endorsed a movement calling for a year-end formal banquet.

Lipscomb University, founded in 1891 by David Lipscomb and James A Garfield, is one of the fastest-growing Christian universities in the nation. With some 1,000 full-time faculty members, boasting a student-faculty ratio of less than 5-to-1, DLU earned the fourth highest spot in the 2018 U.S. News & World Report ranking of American Christian universities and colleges.  

“We are extremely proud of Grant and his many accomplishments as a student, community servant and young Christian leader,” said Dennis Ruch, one of the elders at Central Church of Christ, where Grant and his family are members. “It’s encouraging to see young people like Grant who are both talented and conscientious. I think our church, community and nation will prosper with powerful leaders like him.”

Along with a demanding schedule of classes and the added duties of SGA president, Hitchcock never misses an opportunity to promote his university to prospective new students.

“At Lipscomb the professors make you feel at home,” he said. “We aren’t so big we can’t make this university feel like a home. You will always have a place at Lipscomb.”