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Graduation Road
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“Oh Darling” get ready for members of the Warren County High School class of 2015 to “Come Together” one final time as they receive their diplomas and “Carry That Weight” of new responsibility as they enter the next phase of their lives.
WCHS graduation is scheduled for tonight at 7 p.m. at Nunley Stadium. School officials say 450 seniors are set to walk the stage and become high school graduates.
With references to the Beatles “Abbey Road” album aside, these graduates won’t be headed to an “Octopus’ Garden” after graduation. Instead, they’re off to college or other endeavors.
“I’m going to Ole Miss,” said Rylee Hilliard, who said she’s excited about the university and football games. “They don’t play UT this year, but they do play at Alabama.”
Isabel Kirby says she is going to attend Sewanee and plans to study chemistry, although she’s not certain what field she’s going to apply her knowledge.
Nick Stern is off to Motlow, although he admits that doesn’t have a captivating ring. “Why don’t we say I’m going into the Air Force,” he joked.
As for high school, they all say they’re going to miss their days at WCHS.
“We raised Cain but didn’t get in any trouble,” said Stern.
Tonight's graduation ceremony is scheduled to include speeches from valedictorians Bailey Barnes and Bella Smith. Student body officers Dylan Powers and Jett Urtubees will offer high school reflections.
Musical performances are planned from the WCHS choir and the trio of Maya Denning, Colton Fincher and Nicholas Powell.
Project Graduation will follow the ceremony with students admitted to the Civic Center between 10:30 p.m. and midnight.