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Golf club assault of wife earns man year in jail
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A man who struck his wife with a golf club and then threatened to perforate her with a throwing star will serve a year behind bars.
The man, Michael Brock Jr., 31, was given an 11-month, 29-day sentence to serve by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke. He entered guilty pleas to charges of domestic assault, simple possession of drugs, and violation of probation. His violation of probation sentence will be tacked on to the end of his assault sentence.
Police came to the Brock’s home to investigate the domestic incident and found out the fight started when Mr. Brock accused his wife of cheating.
“He hit her on the lower backside with a golf club,” policeman Eddie Colwell said in the warrant against Mr. Brock, noting there was a red welt on the woman’s backside left by the club. “Mr. Brock then picked up a Chinese throwing star and told her he was going to throw it at her.”
The incident, Colwell noted, happened in front of their two small children.
The drug charges were brought when a bottle containing drugs he did not have a prescription for were found in his pocket.