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Give gift of life this Christmas season
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With the Christmas season approaching, Blood Assurance would like to remind people they can give the gift of life for the holidays by simply rolling up their sleeves and giving blood.“You are literally giving someone life,” said Blood Assurance manager Tari-Lee Gates, noting each donation will, on average, help three people.Blood Assurance assists a multi-county area which includes Warren County and is the only blood provider for River Park Hospital. The area includes parts of four states, north to Cookeville and south to Polk, Ala., and incorporates 32 counties.“There’s a good chance someone you know will be using that blood,” Gates said.One recipient, Jim Appugliese, an officer with Chattanooga Police Department, had his life saved when he was shot in the line of duty. Several surgeries and numerous transfusions later, he recovered and has returned to work.Gates pointed out it isn’t just blood donations.