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Girl run over trying to stop drunk mom
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A mother faces domestic assault charges after she reportedly ran over her teenage daughter’s foot while the daughter was trying to stop her from driving drunk.
Police say the mother, Tracy Jewell Brackley, 40, was too intoxicated to drive when they found her being held down by her daughter and her mother in the driveway of their High Street home. Officers had been called after neighbors reported hearing screaming and yelling.
“Ms. Brackley was being restrained on the ground by her mother,” said McMinnville police officer Kenneth Seagraves, noting the suspect’s 13-year-old daughter was helping to hold her down.
During questioning it was learned Brackley was trying to leave the home in her van, but her daughter had rushed out to the vehicle to try to stop her.
“When she tried to leave, (her 13-year-old daughter) tried to stop her and she drove over her foot,” Seagraves said in his warrant charging her with domestic assault. “Her daughter said she was hit while she was trying to keep her from driving.”
Seagraves confirmed Brackley appeared to be intoxicated, complete with slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and the smell of alcohol on her person.
“It was apparent to me she was too impaired to be behind the wheel,” Seagraves observed.