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Gibbs' flight from law comes to end
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A man who was on the lamb for two years after leading lawmen on a high-speed chase through a subdivision is now back in town and facing a mountain of charges.
The suspect, Roy A. Gibbs, 39, was arraigned Tuesday before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on charges of reckless driving, evading arrest, reckless endangerment with an automobile, speeding by going 70 in a 35-mph zone, second-offense driving on a revoked license, running a stop sign, driving without insurance, driving with open alcohol in the car, driving an unregistered vehicle, and violation of probation. He will face hearing this Thursday morning.
His charges come after he ran from Highway Patrolman Gary Myers as the trooper was trying to pull him over on Bybee Branch Road in March of 2012. Myers suspected Gibbs had been drinking and turned on his blue lights to stop him. Gibbs was having none of it as he gunned the engine.
“He attempted to flee through a residential neighborhood at high speed to the point I could not safely catch up to him,” Myers said, noting 70 mph was the minimum speed Gibbs was driving when he raced down Spring Valley and C. Rody roads, both within the heavily populated Candlewood subdivision. “He was swerving in and out and ran at least one stop sign.”
Unable to give lawmen the slip by speeding through the neighborhood, Gibbs went off road and led officers through a pasture off Spring Valley. The chase ended when Gibbs ran his Chevy Blazer into a pond. He was able to get away by fleeing on foot after putting his vehicle in the drink.
Gibbs remained at large until he was arrested for violations elsewhere. It was then it was discovered he was wanted here and shipped back to face charges.