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General Sessions: Trial Court
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An 18-person docket was heard Tuesday afternoon by Judge Bill Locke in General Sessions Trial Court, including a case where three jail inmates were bound over for breaking a fellow inmate’s jaw.The inmates, Jody Lynn Jennings, Blake Campbell Raper and Scott Sebastian Willett, were all bound to the grand jury on charges of aggravated assault. The men are accused of attacking fellow inmate Joseph Michael Perrigan in the D-Block of Warren County Jail.According to sheriff’s investigator Kevin Murphy, Perrigan’s jaw was broken in two places during the assault. The victim will have to undergo surgery to fix the damage.The three were linked to the attack by surveillance video which lawmen say showed them actively involved in the assault on their fellow inmate.“A video recording discloses that Mr. Perrigan was assaulted without cause by the three inmates,” Murphy said.