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Fun Fall Festival Oct. 24
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First Baptist Church of Smartt is offering a Fun Fall Festival next Friday, Oct. 24, from 5-8 p.m. The event will offer free games and food.
“There will be free hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, drinks, cookies,” said church member Kay Holt. “We are going to have either 17 or 19 different games. We will give small prizes or candy to the winners.”
Among the games and activities will be a Noah’s Ark maze, football toss through a tire, toilet paper toss into a commode, darts, fishing, duck pond, etc.
“This is a family oriented event,” said Holt. “We want everyone to attend. Everything is free. It will cost absolutely nothing. Just come and enjoy the evening. The parishioners are footing the bill for this.”
The event was scheduled close to Halloween. However, Holt says this event has nothing to do with this yearly observation.
“This has nothing to do with Halloween,” she said. “If you are looking for a free family oriented event, we would love for you to stop by. This is something for families to enjoy. It’s wholesome, fun entertainment. We hope this becomes an annual event. We plan on it, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.”
Bales of hay will be used to section off each of the different games, while boxes will be used to create the Noah’s Ark maze.
“If I can get the boxes tall enough, people will be able to walk through the Noah’s Ark,” said Holt. “I’m going to have spiders hanging from the ceiling and snakes on the floor. Giraffes will come through the top of the boxes. I did a Noah’s Ark one year for Vacation Bible School that was close to five feet tall, I guess, and four to five feet long. I’m going to use that for the front of it. For the back of it, there will be a draw bridge for them to walk out of.”
First Baptist Church of Smartt members have been planning the event for approximately three months. The church is located at 4907 Manchester Highway.