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Food truck seeks spot in downtown McMinnville
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Could food vendor trucks be moving into historic downtown McMinnville? Historic Zoning Commission members must consider the possibility.
“We’ve had someone approach us about a food vendor truck in the historic district,” said Planning and Zoning manager Josh Baker, during the last Historic Zoning Commission meeting. “In the guidelines, I’m not seeing anything that addresses anything like that.”
Baker says the inquiry was about parking a truck on private property, possibly the empty lot owned by Mark Latka or the empty lot where City Cafe was located.
“We had discussions in the past about the Hot Dog Man,” said commission chairman Bobby Kirby. “We beat that to death.”
The Hot Dog Man situation dealt with Brian Curran’s desire to be a vendor on public property, while this vendor expressed a desire to be located on private property.
“This is them wanting to get permission from the bank or Latka to set a truck there during the day,” Baker said. “They would have to have a permit. We do fire inspections on them. The health department would have to look at it. It’s just the issue of it being in the historic district that I wanted to bring it to your attention. I don’t feel like anything we have in the current guidelines allows us to regulate it, but I wanted to get your opinion.”
Commission members will look into the guidelines and discuss the situation later.