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Finalists named for city administrator
Bill Brock among final two
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The search for McMinnville’s next city administrator has been narrowed to two applicants and will heat up as interviews begin this coming Thursday, April 17, at 9 a.m.
In the running are Bill Brock, who is the current McMinnville Public Works director, and Dan Collins, who works for the Virginia Department of Transportation.
Mayor Jimmy Haley says each board member is being given a chance to review each applicant’s qualifications and job history prior to the interviews.
“The next step in the process is for each alderman to review the qualifications and employment histories for each applicant,” Haley said. “Then, on Thursday, April 17, the city has scheduled individual interviews, a tour of the town, and a luncheon, allowing us time to familiarize ourselves with these hopefuls.”
Brock can probably skip the tour. He has been with the city since March 1988. He currently oversees 52 of the city’s 148 employees. He supervises Street Aid, Sanitation, Animal Control, Urban Forestry, Water/ Wastewater and the City Garage. The city has an annual budget of $17 million. Of that amount, $8.3 million falls within his budgets.
Collins was hired by VDOT in 2007 as its resident administrator for Roanoke, Craig and Botetourt counties. From 2004 to 2007, he was the city manager of Martinsville, Va., a town known for its NASCAR race.
Collins has approximately 30 years experience in managing local governments and has managed cities and counties in Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri.
Officials had planned to narrow the field of 29 applicants to five for interviews. Haley says the city lost three of its five finalists.
“Two applicants have taken jobs elsewhere. One withdrew due to family illness,” said Haley. “Of course, having only two candidates for the position does not mean that either of these applicants will be awarded the job. We may need to begin a new process.”
While the time is set for officials to begin interviews, they have yet to establish a new job description. Some board members have expressed the desire to make changes in the duties of the administrator – specifically, to remove the authority to fire department directors.
Brock will meet with officials at 9 a.m., followed by Collins at 10:30 a.m. The interviews will be held at City Hall.