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Fast shop lifter not quick enough to avoid arrest
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A lightning-quick shoplifter has been charged after she parked her vehicle in the fire lane, entered Walmart, snatched a box of diapers, and left -- all in three minutes.
The woman, Sara Renae Shelton, 22, is charged with shoplifting for the crime that was captured on Walmart security video. She will face hearing March 10.
Shelton was charged after video caught her entering the store after parking her vehicle out front in the fire lane. A clock on the video showed the time as she was tracked through the store to where she picked up a $17 box of diapers. She then headed back out the grocery side of the store and got in her car without paying for the item. The entire process from arrival to departure took three minutes.
Her charges were actually brought when she returned to Walmart a week later, this time with Marcus Brandon Mott, 23. The couple was tracked picking up a pair of men’s pants and socks along with some rubber boots. They were stopped as they headed out the door without paying for the items. The total cost of the stolen goods was $66.
It was at the time of her arrest Shelton was confronted with her shoplifting trip the week before. Meanwhile, Mott was charged with simple possession when police found marijuana on him when he was searched at the time of his arrest. He also faces at March 10 hearing date.