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Famous Clydesdale trots into McMinnville
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Two world famous Clydesdale horses, part of the Cashdales from Check Into Cash, were slated to visit McMinnville last week. Unfortunately, only one of the Clydesdales was able to make the trip.
“Our other horse is resting up for tonight’s Christmas parade in Tullahoma,” said handler Matt Robers.
The fact one horse was missing from the team did not damper the enthusiasm shown by visitors eager to pet the famous horse.
Chanda Hillis checked her sons out of school so they could see the Clydesdale. “I wanted them to see this,” she said.
Jo Harvey wanted to pet the horse but was hesitant to get too close. Her husband, Joe, leaned over to get a close look at the extra large hooves attached to the long legs on the Clydesdale. “The paper said the horses have dinner-plate sized hooves, and they were right,” said Joe.
The horses travel with three handlers in a fancy trailer that has wooden and glass cases which hold their harnesses. According to handler Leonel Dillagomez, each harness weighs 150 pounds and cost $10,000.
Prior to being acquired by Check Into Cash, the two Clydesdales appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York and escorted His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William and his wife, Catherine, to an event in 2011.
The horses are two of the eight members of the 2010 World Championship team and are on track to visit more than 1,100 Check Into Cash locations. The horses are slated to appear in the Winchester Christmas parade this Saturday.