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Facebook threats
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Threats posted on Facebook brought a local woman before the court last week, getting her a probationary sentence on harassment charges.
The defendant, Madison Dye, was granted a six-month judicial diversion, meaning she will be on probation for six months and after that time, provided she abides by the terms of her plea agreement, she may move to have her criminal record erased. She must also perform 16 hours public service work and has been warned to have no further contact with the victim. That includes no Facebook posts or text messages.
The case became one of the first harassment cases prosecuted here concerning Facebook threats as there have been numerous cases before the court in past years concerning phone and cellphone text messaging harassment. However, the Dye case involved using a social media site, in this case Facebook, to broadcast a physical threat against the victim.
According to court papers, Dye threatened the victim on Facebook after reportedly being told by law enforcement to quit texting her by phone. The message in question warned the victim that Dye would, in essence, beat her up if she did not “quite running her mouth” but used more colorful language in expressing the threat.
“This has been going on for quite some time,” the victim said in her statement in obtaining the warrant against Dye.