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Exuberant speller
Morrison seventh-grader Caleb Smith gets raised in the air by father Neal Smith after his win in the Standard countywide spelling bee Thursday.
Morrison seventh-grader Caleb Smith gave a "magnanimous" effort Thursday night and showed he wasn't "susceptible" to stumbling when it comes to spelling.Smith proved to his challengers he wasn't about to "abdicate" his title of champion as he won the Southern Standard countywide spelling bee for the third straight year.Smith outlasted Dibrell eighth-grader Abe Perkins in a 23-round marathon when Perkins tripped on the word "colloquial," spelling it with only one "l." That gave Smith the chance to win with "exuberant," one of the easier words in the championship round."It was a tough spelling bee," Smith said afterwards. "I wanted to win, but I also wanted my cousin to win too.