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Elliott sentencing delayed
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A psychiatric report has delayed sentencing for a British man who admitted making terrorist threats which caused nearly 3,000 Warren County students to miss school.
The defendant, Reece Elliott, 24, of South Tyneside, England, was to be sentenced for the crimes last week until a delay in a psychiatric pre-sentence report forced the Newcastle Crown Court to grant a short continuance. Judge John Milford said sentencing will take place in the next three weeks.
Elliott, an unemployed father of one and self-described Internet troll, admitted making threats on a memorial website on Facebook which had been set up for a Warren County girl who was killed in a car wreck. Prosecutors say Elliott made demeaning remarks about the deceased girl and then made threats to come to Warren County and shoot 200 students before killing himself.
Since it was not known Elliott was making the threats from overseas, a wave of fear swept through social media here. The end result was nearly 3,000 students missing school the following day.
Despite the threats being a hoax, the British court has warned Elliott he is likely looking at a prison sentence for one count of making a threat to kill, and eight counts of sending grossly offensive messages. He has remained in jail since his arrest in early February.