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DUI arrest
Shinaberry drives through wall
Dui wreck
A retaining wall did little to prevent this Infiniti from dropping off an embankment.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 29 people die every day in drunk driving accidents.

McMinnville Police Department Lt. Mark Mara says those shocking statistics and the department’s efforts to educate won’t stop every motorist from driving under the influence.

“It saddens me that with all the education we do regarding the dangers of driving under the influence we still have motorists who do it anyway,” said Lt. Mara. “Alcohol, prescription drugs and illegal drugs can impair your ability to make safe and responsible decisions. A slower reaction time, coupled with poor decision-making, and situations like this are going to happen.”

Those words came following the arrest of Friday L. Shinabery, 63, of Morrison on Wednesday. Shinaberry was charged with DUI after a failed attempt to turn from S. Chancery Street onto Black Street. He instead pulled into the parking lot of 802 S. Chancery Street, formerly Hillis Grocery. His vehicle went off an embankment at the rear of the property.

The responding officer was Matt Stubblefield.

“Officer Stubblefield observed a silver 4 door 1999 Infiniti Q30 at Hillis Grocery partially over the earth embankment,” said Mara. “He spoke with the driver, Friday L. Shinabery of Morrison. He appeared under the influence of drugs or alcohol and admitted to drinking alcohol. He stated he was trying to turn from S. Chancery onto Black Street and missed the road. Alcohol was located in the vehicle.”

Shinabery, who reported to be uninjured, was administered a standardized field sobriety test which he reportedly failed. 

The crash happened Wednesday at 4 p.m.