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Dude, wheres the marijuana?
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Two Skyline men were arrested after police found a one-foot marijuana plant sitting in plain view atop the hood of their vehicle parked outside the apartment they were in.The suspects, Thomas B. Russell and Leonel Garcia, admitted they were high on marijuana when they left the plant sitting atop the vehicle which was parked in a densely populated apartment complex.McMinnville policeman Kenneth Seagraves admitted he was taken aback by seeing the relatively large plant sitting in the open. Seagraves was in the area to answer a domestic disturbance call two doors down from where Russell and Garcia were staying. However, it was their odd behavior which first attracted attention.“While I was conducting an interview at the other apartment, Mr. Russell opened the door to his apartment, saw me, looked extremely panicked and quickly shut the door,” Seagraves said in the warrant charging the men with simple possession.It was at that point Seagraves saw the 15-inch high marijuana plant sitting on the vehicle parked in front of the apartment.“I saw the blinds of the apartment quickly open and close,” Seagraves said, noting he then had little doubt to whom the marijuana plant belonged.After the odd actions from the men inside the apartment, Seagraves said Russell stepped out of the apartment acting like nothing was wrong.“Mr. Russell casually walked out of the apartment and he was placed under arrest,” Seagraves said, noting there were three others inside the apartment but roommates Russell and Garcia took responsibility for ownership.The suspects both entered guilty pleas yesterday before General Sessions Judge Larry Ross.