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Ducker back behind bars
Jennie Bain Ducker

More than 20 years after her two toddlers died after she left them unattended in her car parked outside a local motel, Jennie Bain Ducker continues her issues with the law, this time for drunk driving and trying to tamper with evidence.
Ducker, 41, was pulled over by Police Sgt. Ben Cantrell after he saw her driving recklessly on Fair Street. She was charged with drunk driving after she was unable to satisfactorily perform a field sobriety test.
“I saw an empty 40-ounce bottle of Natural Ice on the floor board,” Cantrell recalled, noting Ducker admitted to drinking three beers and was unsteady on her feet when she got out of her car.
Ducker was placed under arrest and it was learned she had no license due to a recent conviction on another DUI here in Warren County. She claimed to have consumed four beers on the occasion of her earlier DUI.
Sgt. Cantrell said Ducker did not want to submit to a blood test after she was arrested. State law now allows officers to compel drunk driving suspects to provide blood for testing.
“She physically resisted having her blood sample taken and had to be restrained by officers,” Cantrell said.
Ducker entered guilty pleas Thursday before Special Judge Larry Ross to charges of driving on a revoked license and second-offense DUI. She was ordered to serve 50 days of an 11-month, 29-day sentence. She was also fined $650 plus costs and must forfeit her driver license for two years.
Her latest time behind bars comes while she was free on bond for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend in October.
Her arrest on the most recent charges comes just over 20 years after her children, Devin and Dustin Ducker, both under 2, died inside her car outside a local motel where Ducker was visiting. The children died from hyperthermia for exposure to the heat inside the closed car. They were found still strapped into their child seats.
She was ultimately convicted of aggravated child abuse and ended up serving over 11 years behind bars and was released in 2007. She completed all her prison time so she does not face parole violation charges.