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Drug offender faces additional charges
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A woman sent straight to jail from court faces drug smuggling charges after she was caught hiding narcotics on her person.
The woman, Angela M. Womack, 36, of Shelbyville was bound to the grand jury by General Sessions Judge Bill Locke on charges of introduction of drugs into a penal institution and possession of drugs.
Her charges came as Womack was being booked into Warren County Jail after being sent there directly from court. It was during the booking a call was made to the jail where guards were warned Womack may be carrying contraband.
When questioned, Womack admitted she had some tobacco on her person. Tobacco is prohibited inside the jail and possession of either smoking or chewing tobacco inside the jail can be a chargeable offense.
After being relieved of her tobacco, Womack was asked again about any drugs on her person and warned she would be charged if drugs were found on her during booking. She was advised she would be fully checked by a nurse in just a few minutes.
At that point, Womack went into the bathroom and allegedly tried to flush the evidence. A female guard who was in the room was able to catch her before she could flush the drugs.
“She tried to flush pills believed to be Diazepam and a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana in a clear small bag,” said corrections officer Treva Lawson in her warrant against Womack, noting a small amount of meth and Loritab were found on her person.