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Drug drop box coming to jail
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Warren County will soon have a place where residents can dispose of expired prescription drugs.
The Tennessee Department of Drug Enforcement is going statewide in all counties and placing a drug drop box to collect expired prescription drugs.
The goals of the DEA program are to keep drugs off the street, prevent overdoses and accidental poisonings, and avoid environmental contamination. Items that can be placed in the secure drug drop box include prescriptions, over-the-counter, herbals, and veterinary medications.
The collection box weighs about 300 pounds and will be placed in the lobby of the Warren County Jail at 108 Security Circle. Drugs may be dropped off during normal business hours.
County Executive John Pelham said, “This obviously is intended for expired prescription drugs – things you’ve got in your home that are legal that are just not any good anymore. This will provide a place to dispose of them instead of flushing them down the commode or putting them down the garbage disposal and basically putting drugs into our water system.”
“However, inevitably what goes along with that is there are some illegal drugs dropped in there as well. But, it’s no questions asked,” said Pelham.
Pelham said no one will be questioned about any drugs they deposit in the box.
“Every month DEA comes in, empties the box, weighs the drugs, keeps a record of how many drugs are collected and disposes of them,” said Pelham.
An exact date for the drug box to be placed at the jail has not been determined.