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Dog saves owner's life
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Local resident Ann Logue owes her life to the quick actions of her dog. Lady, a cocker spaniel-mix, made the call for help when Logue could not.
“My mother’s dog saved her life,” said daughter Deborah Greene. “Lady just kept whining. I thought she wanted to go out. I had no idea my mother needed me. Lady knew it and was trying to tell me.”
The incident happened in the early morning hours of July 13. Greene says Lady began to whine, which is usually a signal she needs to go outside.
“I got up and let her out,” she said. “She did her business and came back in. I went back to sleep, but she kept whining. She was going back and forth just whining. She was so persistent about it that I got back up to check on my mom.”
Logue was found with her feet off the bed and unable to communicate. After being taken to River Park Hospital and transported to St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, the severity of the situation was explained.
“My mother was in renal failure,” said Greene. “The expert at St. Thomas said if she had lain there two more hours, she would be dead. I would have slept two, maybe three, more hours if not for Lady. When I told the doctor what happened, he said, ‘The dog saved her life.’ I know that she did.”
Lady, who is 7 years old, was perhaps returning the favor. The dog was rescued from a not-so-nice living situation when she was a year old by Greene, who then presented the puppy to her mother as a present.
“It was an instant bond between the two,” Greene said. “They were inseparable right from the start. Lady slept with mom. She let mom know when someone was outside. She was mom’s instant door bell. I like that about her. She never barks, but she whines.”
Greene lives with her mother as her caretaker. Logue was involved in a motor vehicle wreck in 1986 and has been disabled since.
Lady, who led the life of a princess before this incident with regular trips to the groomers for pampering and daily walks, will get more of the same.
“I can’t believe she saved my mother’s life,” said Greene, whose emotions brought her close to tears as she struggled to continue. “If I had slept two more hours, my mother would have been gone. I wouldn’t have her with me now. Lady is a hero. We just can’t thank her enough.”
Logue is currently undergoing treatment at St. Thomas. When stable, she will be transported to NHC Nursing Home until she is able to return home. Lady will be allowed visitation at that time.
“The folks at NHC will allow Lady to visit as long as we can prove she has had her shots,” said Greene. “She can’t wait. I can tell she misses mom and mom misses her.”
Logue is a native of Warren County. Her maiden name is Shields.