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Dog saved from gate
Deitra Dog abandoned2
This Shih Tzu mix was left chained to Animal Control's front gate by an unknown person. To offer information about this incident, call Animal Control at 507-3647.

Warren County Animal Control officers are seeking information on the person who secured a dog to the facility’s front gate and left it.
“I came into work Saturday morning and there she was,” said Animal Control officer Deitra Kester. “She had been chained to the gate. It was really cold the night before and she didn’t have enough room to move around.”
The exact time the dog was left is unknown. Kester says besides the low temperatures and rain leaving the dog cold and wet, she was in relatively good condition.
“Because of the dew, its little back was soaking wet,” said Kester. “I was so mad I took a picture and posted it on my Facebook page. She is the sweetest little thing. And, she had just been groomed. You could tell. Her hair and toenails look like they had just been cut. I don’t understand why anyone would do this. She’s a good little dog.”
She is white and brown and appears to be a Shih Tzu mix.
“Because of my Facebook post, we have had a lot of inquiries from people saying they want to adopt her,” said Kester. “What I would like is to find the person who abandoned her. We did get one call from a woman who said it used to be her dog, but she had given it away to an elderly couple about two months ago. She said she didn’t know their names.”
The woman said her dog’s name was Bentley.
Kester says she received a usual call Thursday that turned suspicious Saturday morning.
“On Thursday, we got a call from a woman wanting to bring in two small dogs,” Kester said. “She said her mother couldn’t handle them anymore. I asked her if she could call back in a few minutes because I was in the kennel and not at the desk. She never called back. Then, we get this dog dropped off. Maybe she gave one away and left this one here.”
Anyone with information about the dog is asked to call Animal Control at 507-3647.