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Disaster drill simulates tornado strike at WCHS
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You may never know when disaster may strike, but thanks to Warren County Emergency Management Agency director Jim Cunningham, emergency personnel in the county are now prepared if a tornado happens to hit Warren County High School on a night when 1,000 people are in attendance for a basketball game.Cunningham spent three months preparing that scenario for a disaster drill which was held last week beginning at Bridgestone Learning Center and ending at River Park Hospital.A disaster drill is an exercise in which people simulate the circumstances of a disaster so they have an opportunity to practice their response. Such drills are used to identify weak points in a disaster response plan, and to get people familiar with the steps they need to take so their response in a disaster will be automatic.Disasters are unpredictable by nature, and this can make them difficult when it comes to preparation. If people do not practice their responses, they will usually not be prepared when disaster does happen.