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Dibrell School project remains behind schedule
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While one of the two current school building projects continues to lag behind, the other is ahead of schedule, leaving School Board members in a situation where it equals out in a way.Smooth sailing at the new Morrison School has allowed the School Board to direct its attention to the Dibrell School expansion, which was previously scheduled to be complete Oct. 22, but now has a date of Nov. 6.Though the Dibrell project has been plagued with bad-weather days, the School Board has begun to lose patience with contractor Midstate Construction as Dibrell students, teachers and staff continue to deal with cramped quarters, lack of gym facilities, and food services operating without a cafeteria.This has been a major concern of school architect Paul McCall, of Cockrill Design & Planning, who spoke last week at a meeting the Building and Grounds Committee.“I see the situation out there, going through the existing school, ad hoc classrooms, doing the best they can,” said McCall. “It’s not a good situation.”School system maintenance director Donnie Caldwell reported there has also been some issues with installing the new sewer system, but those are being addressed and progress is being made on paving the parking lot.Despite the continuing delays, McCall assured School Board members there is light at the end of the tunnel.“We’re getting there,” McCall said. “It’s really close.