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Deadly tornadoes barely miss county
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Deadly storms that struck Middle Tennessee on Wednesday and killed three people have been confirmed by the National Weather Service as tornadoes.
One death was reported in DeKalb County, while two people were killed in Cumberland County. The storms struck just before dark Wednesday.
A National Weather Service survey team looked at the damage Thursday morning and verified tornadoes struck in both places. The damage path in DeKalb County began near DeKalb County High School and disappears into Center Hill Lake.
Meteorologists are continuing their survey to determine the strength of the tornadoes on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which determines wind speed.
While Warren County received wind and heavy rain Wednesday, the county was spared any significant storm damage.
The fatally injured woman in DeKalb County was identified yesterday afternoon as 62-year-old Josephine Pavone.
Her home was on Alpine Drive in the northern part of the county. Ms. Pavone could be seen in the home, but storm damage prevented rescue crews from reaching her for nearly 24 hours.
Specifically, the home had been blown partially down a 150-foot embankment and appeared close to sliding the rest of the way down. A large tree that had fallen on top of the home looked to be the only thing keeping it in place. Emergency workers were able to cut through other trees to reach her Thursday afternoon.
It’s the same violent storm front which is responsible for at least 12 deaths in three Midwestern states. One of those storms was an EF4 tornado that blasted Southern Illinois and killed six. Forecasters said that tornado left a path of destruction 200 yards wide with winds up to 170 mph.