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Dam passes annual inspection
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The dam beside Pepper Branch Park has passed its annual state inspection.
“I haven’t seen a report, but I did get a phone call telling me everything is fine,” said McMinnville Public Works director Bill Brock.
Brock added a touch of humor when he informed McMinnville officials about the inspection.
“For those of you who don’t know, the city owns a dam,” said Brock. “It’s inspected by the state every year. The state comes in, inspects it and they charge us for it. So, I guess you could say, we are having a dam inspection.”
Brock says the examination is routine.
“It’s a safety inspection,” he said. “Basically, they come and look at it just to make sure it’s not sagging or drooping. They want to make sure no logs and trash are piling up against it.”
While this inspection was minimal, the dam has undergone more in-depth inspections in the past by scuba divers to ensure its stability.
The dam was inspected at a cost of $500.