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DA: Wilcher/Lee incident not assault
Zavogiannis finds no reasonable fear of bodily harm in alleged threat
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District Attorney General Lisa Zavogiannis says the exchange between county commissioners Michael Shane Wilcher and Ron Lee on Aug. 18, 2014 was not assault and a reasonable person would not have believed they were in danger of bodily injury.Wilcher sent a video of the incident to the district attorney.“This letter is in response to your letter dated June 10, 2015, wherein you request this office to open multiple investigations into the alleged misconduct of numerous county and state officials for assault, official misconduct, official oppression, sunshine law violations, etc. all of which appear to follow from an incident that occurred on or around August 18, 2014 involving yourself and Commissioner Ron Lee.”After reviewing the video, Zavogiannis has determined that no assault “as defined by Tennessee Law” was committed.“In the video Commissioner Ron Lee is shown holding a document in his right hand while addressing you and making the statement, ‘If you ever send a piece of mail to my property again, at my house, I’ll whip your ass. Do you understand me? Do you understand what I just said to you?’,” said Zavogiannis.