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Cox earns high marks as director of schools
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Warren County Director of Schools Bobby Cox was granted a contract extension after getting straight A’s in his annual review by the county’s six School Board members.
“We are proud of the job you do,” said School Board chairman Jeff Lee in announcing the outcome of the assessment. “We are lucky to have a person like Bobby Cox as our director of schools.”
The results of the annual review by the six elected School Board members was announced by Lee at the most recent board meeting. The result was a score of 4.6 from a possible 5.0, leaving Cox easily on the honor roll when it comes to school administrators.
“I appreciate that,” Cox said of the assessment by the board.
Cox scored high on all ballots. The director of schools has to undergo an assessment of his performance every year. He is hired by the six members of the School Board who, in turn, answer to the voters and serve four-year terms. Three of the members come up for election this year as they do every two years.
The evaluation process includes grades in five major categories. First is School Board relations, meaning how Cox communicates and conducts a harmonious relationship with the board.
Second is community relations. This covers keeping the public informed and working with the media and public and private agencies.
Third is staff and personnel relationships. This involves how Cox works with the members of the school system he leads.
Fourth is job performance. This covers his vision for improvement and his handling of the school district’s finances.
The last area is student achievement. This involves making sure the district is doing all it can to maximize the learning potential of its students and helping them achieve their goals in education.
The grading system allows board members to grade the director on a 5-point scale with 1 being significantly below expectations and 5 being significantly above expectations. The 4.6 final grade leaves Cox in the high range of above expectations.
The local evaluation form was adopted from a state assessment. Each school district in Tennessee is required to conduct an annual review of its director.