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County's plans for ambulance station/fire hall put on hold
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Financial reality turned a hose on the county’s desire for a new ambulance station/fire hall by Warren County Memorial Airport.
The idea was extinguished after Centertown officials learned a grant would not be enough to cover the cost of construction.
“An architect ran the numbers and he says the grant won’t be enough to cover it,” said County Executive Herschel Wells. “There’s no need bidding it if the cost would come in over the grant amount because there is no money to cover the excess.”
The county’s plan was to partner with Centertown on a Community Develop-ment Block Grant totaling $315,000 for constructing a new EMS station/ fire hall by the airport. While Centertown would obtain the grant for its volunteer fire department, Warren County would fund the grant match of approximately $10,000 and donate the land necessary for the new building.
The grant will be reapplied for in the fall, said Wells, in an effort to obtain more than $315,000, but if that is unsuccessful, then Centertown can apply without Warren County’s involvement and see if that generates more grant funding.
“If they don’t get more money, then we’ll let Centertown go it alone,” said Wells. “They might be able to get a larger grant without us. They’ll have a fire station but we won’t put an ambulance station there.”
Financial Management Committee and Budget and Finance Committee members met separately Monday and rescinded the resolution to contribute the grant match by unanimous votes. The measure will be sent to the full Warren County Commission for its consideration due to the resolution passing the full court in February.