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County relaxes term limits
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Industrial Development Board members Greg Brock and Jeff Golden jumped another hurdle Monday night in their quest to stay seated on the IDB for another six-year term.
A resolution granting longer terms for members serving on five county boards passed the full Warren County Commission. The motion to change the term limits did not receive a second during a county Policy and Personnel Committee meeting earlier in the month, but was brought before the court Monday night by Commissioner Wayne Copeland.
Needing 13 votes to pass, the measure passed 14-7.
The resolution will extend term limits from one term to two terms affecting the Industrial Development Board, and three separate boards related to the airport – the Airport Zoning Committee, the Airport Commission, and the Airport Board of Zoning Appeals.
The resolution also calls for term limits on the Board of Equalization to be set at four terms. Each term on that board is for two years.
The new resolution will do away with a resolution that was passed in February preventing appointees to the five county boards from serving more than one term.
The man who spearheaded the original resolution, Commissioner Dwight O’Neal, voted in favor of the new measure Monday night. O’Neal spoke to the Southern Standard earlier in the month after he heard a new resolution extending the term limits would most likely be coming before the full court.
“I thought long and hard before I brought that resolution up. I’m not changing horses in mid-stream,” O’Neal said two week ago. “I do not want to back up on term limits. I always want younger, new people on the boards. The Southern Standard even did a survey asking citizens of Warren County their opinion. The results were what, 91 percent in favor of limiting terms? They say they can’t find someone to fill the spots on the Equalization Board. I have talked to two or three people this week who said they would be glad to serve.”
Industrial Development Board director George Burke addressed commissioners before the vote Monday night.
“As a person who is probably most affected by what you do, I would appreciate it, if you would, to consider this resolution,” said Burke. “I’d like to stay with the board that I have, at least for the tenure of my time here.”
Following Monday night’s meeting, O’Neal said, “This gives more terms to the Equilization Board but still keeps term limits. After much consideration, I feel two years on the Equalization Board was not enough. There is a big learning curve on that board. And, George (Burke) stated he would like IDB members to stay seated.”
The original resolution passed in February but no term limits have expired since that time. However, the terms of Industrial Development Board members Brock and Golden were set to expire in October. With the passing of the new resolution allowing longer terms, Brock and Golden can be reappointed.
Commissioners voting yes to extend term limits were Joel Akers, Morris Bond, Carl Bouldin, Teddy Boyd, Sally Brock, Wayne Copeland, Clinton Hill, Dwight O’Neal, Gary Prater, George Smartt, Diane Starkey, Les Trotman, Blaine Wilcher and Melissa Yancy.
Commissioners voting no were Terry Bell, Billy Earl Jones, Michael Martin, Charles Morgan, Kenneth Rogers, Bessie Smithson and Herschel Wells.
Commissioners M.A. Bouldin, Ron Lee and Ken Martin were absent.