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County plans to hire new dog catcher
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County Health and Welfare Committee members will be meeting Tuesday to discuss hiring a director for Warren County Animal Control.
“We know we need to hire someone,” said Commissioner Sally Brock. “We are going to discuss it during our next meeting, which will be the first step in the process.”
Don’t grab a pen just yet. Brock says applications will not be taken until after committee members decide to move forward with hiring someone.
“If we decide it is time to hire someone, what we have to do is put out a call for applications,” said Brock. “We will take the applications and put them through a grading process. It will be a committee decision on which one gets hired.”
The county as been without a director at the Animal Control facility for three months. Committee members voted to fire David Hennessee in early January after he admitted to spraying animals, which is prohibited by county policy.
Since that time, animal control officer Tammy Webb has been interim director.
“Everything is going well,” said Webb. “I’ve been going at it all alone for three months. The animals are well taken care of, and I’ve answered every call.”
With the facility since November 2010, Webb will be throwing her hat in the ring when applications are taken for the director’s position.
“I want the job,” she said. “I feel like I deserve it. It was my understanding when I took this job I would be in line for the director’s position when David retired in May of next year. He was fired before that could happen, but I’ve proven myself worthy to have the job.”
The Health and Welfare Committee is scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Warren County Administrative Building.