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County OKs budget with pay raises
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County employees can expect a fatter paycheck for the upcoming fiscal year thanks to Warren County Commissioners who passed a $75.4 million budget for 2013-14 on Monday night.
Included in the budget was a $1,000 raise for all full-time employees and a $500 raise for all part-time employees.
Also included in the budget is $135,000 to the Sheriff’s Department for new vehicles and $230,000 to the Sanitation Department for a new front-end loader.
The consolidated county budget includes $47.3 million for Warren County School System. Another $3.8 million will go toward the school cafeteria fund.
The county budget does not have a tax increase for the 11th straight year.
Other expenditures are:
• General – $13,080,194
• Highway/ Public Works – $3,662,254
• General debt service – $3,1134,585
• Ambulance Service – $2,899,950
• Solid waste/ sanitation – $1,396,345
• Drug control – $110,742
Officials also approved nonprofit funding of $212,410 for fiscal year 2013-14.
Resolution 14-2013 passed giving the Industrial Development Board $250,000. Of the money going to the IDB, $150,000 is allocated for operations and $100,000 is set aside to further expand site development in order to create jobs.
Resolution 15-2013 will allow the governing body of Warren County to authorize the issuance, sale and payment of an interest-bearing capital outlay note for the purpose of financing costs associated with various capital projects for the Warren County Board of Education.
The commission voted to allow Trustee Darlene Bryant’s office to accept partial payments and ACH (direct withdrawal) payments of property taxes.
All of the above mentioned resolutions and budgets passed 23-0, which once again had County Executive John Pelham praising commissioners for a job well done. Commissioner George Smartt was absent.