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County halts plastic recycling
Fairgrounds convenience center site operator David Robinson places plastic milk and drink containers inside a recycling bin at the facility.
If you’ve been separating plastic from the rest of your garbage and hauling it to a convenience center for recycling, your efforts have been fruitless.For the past two months, the county has been dumping that plastic in with the rest of its garbage and is no longer recycling it.“This is not something we want to do, but we can no longer find a company that will take our plastic for recycling,” said Warren County sanitation director Steve Hillis. “So the plastic is going to a landfill until we can find somebody else to take it.”Hillis says the plastic recycling bins remain at three convenience centers because people have finally gotten in the habit of using them.“People want to recycle and we want them to recycle,” said Hillis. “I hate to change anything because people have finally gotten to where they use them regularly and we are actively looking for other places to go with the plastic.