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Country music video shot at Rock Island
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Local residents and fans of country music singer Josh Turner might recognize the scenery used in the video of his latest song “Lay Low” as that of Rock Island State Park.
According to park manager Damon Graham, the video airing on Country Music Television was shot in the park about a month ago.
"The video has been airing on CMT," said Graham. "The park provided most of the backdrop scenery with waterfalls, canoeing, bluffs, roads, etc. The cabin scenes were on private property nearby.”
The video is a great showcase for the beauty Rock Island State Park has to offer. The park is a huge regional attraction drawing some 600,000 visitors a year.
“I’m not sure how they picked our location, but they felt it had the laid-back vibe the producers wanted,” said Graham. “Don’t let the video fool you. It was cold that day. The actors do a good job canoeing in shorts and looking warm.”
According to, the website says, “Lay Low is about returning to the simple pleasure of life, and the music video is just that. Strolling through sun-drenched canopies of fall leaves, Turner sings with his signature baritone voice. They canoe across pristine waters of an isolated lake, cuddle by the campfire and even get caught in a summer rainstorm. It’s the perfect setting for a romantic weekend."