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Convicted sex offender charged for babysitting
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A convicted sex offender faces felony charges after lawmen learned he was being allowed to baby-sit children.
The offender, Billy Clarence Martin, 56, was bound to the grand jury on charges of unsupervised contact with minor children and failure to provide a current address to the state sexual offender registry. He is being held under $50,000 bond at Warren County Jail.
His charges were brought after sheriff’s investigator Jason Rowland learned Martin had been less than truthful with him when he reported in, which is required for all sexual offenders on the state registry. Martin is on the registry for a 1985 rape conviction. He has several other convictions within the past decade, most having to do with evading arrest, resisting arrest, and violation of probation.
Rowland said he learned Martin was staying with a family member on McReynold’s Road. Martin had listed his official living status as homeless on his registry update. When Rowland investigated closer, he found Martin was also in contact with children, something that is forbidden in his case since he is listed as a violent offender.
“He had been acting as a baby-sitter for his minor relatives,” said Rowland, noting this marks his second and third violation of the terms of the sexual offender registry.
The registry keeps tabs on convicted sex offenders and requires those on its list to update any change of address within 48 hours of the move. The whereabouts of the state’s sexual offenders is available to the public through the TBI website.