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Convicted rapist fails to register
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A repeat rapist faces more time behind bars after he failed to register himself as a sex offender following his release from prison.
The man, Timothy Wayne Johnson, 46, has been indicted on the charge of failure to register with the state sexual offender registry in a timely manner. He could face up to two years in prison for the offense.
Johnson was hit with the charges when he did not register himself within 48 hours of getting a new residence. State law requires offenders to update their status when they change residence. The ongoing update comes so both law enforcement and the general public can have an exact location of sexual offenders.
In the case of Johnson, investigators say he was listed as a violent offender due to his two prior rape convictions in 1985 and 1993. He was released from prison late last year, but did not update his status with local law enforcement. His sentences for the prior rapes have been served.
Anyone with Internet access can find out the exact address of a sex offender, where they work, what kind of vehicle they drive, what offenses they committed to get on the sexual registry, and they can also see a picture of the offender. The site is located at SOMainpg.aspx.