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Convicted murderer sends apology, donation
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Warning that traveling down the wrong path can end with dire consequences, a man convicted of murder nearly 20 years ago has sent a letter, and a gift, to the prosecutor who put him in jail.“I can never take back the life I took by my irresponsible actions,” said Darryl Farmer, 44, in a letter penned from the state penitentiary in Mountain City where he will remain an inmate until at least 2021.Farmer killed Chris Boyd, 19, in 1992, shooting him at point-blank range with a shotgun before leaving him lying in a remote field. It is believed the shooting happened because Farmer thought Boyd was working undercover for law enforcement trying to get information on Farmer’s marijuana operation. All local law enforcement have denied Boyd was working for them.Helping convict Farmer for the murder and get him life in prison was then criminal investigator Larry Ross, who has since been elected General Sessions Judge.