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Contract for Park Theatre ruled illegal
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A proposed management agreement between the city of McMinnville and Park Theatre Group is not legal, according to the agency in charge of overseeing municipal governments.The Municipal Technical Advisory Service has informed the city that management of the Park Theatre must be bid out.“The Park Theatre Management Agreement appears to me to raise at least one major legal issue that requires the city’s attention: Under the Municipal Purchasing Law of 1983, as amended, contracts for both goods and services require competitive bidding,” says Sidney D. Hemsley, MTAS legal consultant.Hemsley says the city’s attempt to give Park Theatre Group management of the Park Theatre without bidding it out is illegal.“For those reasons, what appears to amount to the pre-selection of the Park Theatre Group as the manager is not legal,” he said. The agreement was generated by Mayor Jimmy Haley and Park Theatre Group’s David Marttala and sent to MTAS for its consideration.This not the first time city officials have been told they cannot arbitrarily select an organization to manage Park Theatre once complete. The words written by MTAS mirrored words spoken by the city attorney Tim Pirtle months ago.“If tax dollars are used in renovating the building, state law has restrictions on how the property is to be managed,” said Pirtle.