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Congressional candidate visits high school students
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Lenda Sherrell, Democratic candidate for the 4th District Congressional seat, visited Warren County High School on Thursday as part of her “Lenda Listens” tour. Sherrell addressed advanced placement and regular government classes.
Sherrell visited at the invitation of AP government instructor Tommy Davis.  Said Davis, “I’m really excited because my kids get to hear from a candidate that’s running right now and get to ask questions and get feedback so they feel really involved. A big part of Sherrell’s platform is education. They’re really involved in this. The big thing is kids actually ask someone who might be a Washington D.C. person.”
With approximately 100 students attending, Sherrell’s appearance lasted around 30 minutes, with 20 of those minutes dedicated to questions from the student body. The students impressed with hard-hitting questions on such hot topics as foreign policy, gun control, militarization of the police force, improving education, and minimum wage. A question about the legalization of marijuana drew chuckles from the attendees. Sherrell thanked the students on their “insightful and intelligent questions.”
Sherrell emphasized the role of education in helping students become better informed as citizens. 
“It’s refreshing so many of you are interested in learning about the history of our unique democracy and the structure of our government. High school classes provide the perfect learning environment to becoming informed and knowledgeable about the duties of citizenship and an engaged student body is an engaged citizen group.”
To illustrate the idea of democracy, Sherrell compared the process to a group of students deciding what pizza to order if a quarter wanted pepperoni, a quarter cheese, and the rest half of each.
“I know that most of you would probably rather agree to the half and half rather than go hungry. That is the process, in very simple terms, of how Congress needs to operate.”  Sherrell said. “Unfortunately, sometimes in our Congress, many want everyone to go hungry rather than try to come to an agreement or to meet each other in the middle, to come up with some solutions that benefit the majority of the people.”
According to Davis, “Students will get both sides,” as Republican opponent Scott DesJarlais is expected for a similar visit before the election in November.