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Confusion surrounds opening of 4-lane
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Having more than one U.S. 70S, with paving projects on each road, has created some confusion about the projects and when each will be complete, says TDOT spokeswoman Jennifer Flynn.
“Because of the recently completed resurfacing project on the current U.S. 70S, I think there may be some confusion out there about which projects are which and about the completion dates,” said Flynn.
Flynn says a paving project on the existing U.S. 70S (Nashville Highway) was complete in September, while the new construction project to build a four-lane to Woodbury will not be complete until September 2014.
The existing U.S. 70S was a resurfacing project that paved 12.85 miles so that once the new four-lane is complete the old one can be turned over to the county in mint condition.
The project to construct a new four-lane is a staged-construction project that will not be complete until September 2014:
• Stage one — This stage was for the relocation of the roadway from Centertown to Spring Valley Road, and it included the construction of two bridges, grading, drainage and some paving (no final paving). Work began in June 2009 and was complete in April 2012.
• Stage two — A seven-mile staged-construction project is currently under way from near SR 281 to near SR 287 to construct the basic roadway with drainage and bridges (no final paving).  Work began on this stage in September 2011. Completion is scheduled for December 2013.
• Stage three — The project will place base stone, underdrains, guardrail, signs and final pavement on both of the staged construction projects to tie them together into one road. The project is scheduled to be completed in September 2014.
Flynn says the project is moving forward.
“Currently, the contractor has placed all necessary base stone on the completed stage one of the project and has started placing base stone on stage two of the project,” said Flynn. “Shortly they will begin installing underdrains in the sections they have already placed base stone on.”
Then, she adds, “Once the roadway has base stone down and underdrains installed, the contractor will begin guardrail installation, final paving, sign installation, and final pavement markings.”
When the remaining staged construction project is complete and both staged construction projects are tied together with the paving project, the new four-lane that runs from SR-281 in Cannon County to Spring Valley Road in Warren County will be opened and the existing highway turned over to the county.
Flynn understands the local excitement about wanting the new four-lane complete.
“This is a very important project to the citizens of Cannon and Warren counties,” she said. “It should be very beneficial to those who must travel between McMinnville and Woodbury. However, the estimated completion for this paving project that will tie everything together is September 2014.”