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Community loses pillar in Stewart
Well-known pharmacist Nestor Stewart died Tuesday at age 87.
The community lost one of its enduring cornerstones Tuesday morning when Nestor Stewart passed away at the age of 87.He was a Christian, a pharmacist, a father, and former city leader whose vision brought such things as McMinnville Civic Center and a wider N. Chancery Street.“It’s hard to think of anyone in our community more respected than Nestor,” said longtime friend Jimmy Priestley, who ate breakfast for 38 years with Mr. Stewart at his luncheonette. “He was a man of integrity, a true man of God, and a friend to everyone.”Fellow friend and breakfast club member Richard Myers said, “We should all thank God we have men like Nestor Stewart who are humble, compassionate, honest and who are willing to serve God, family and their community.”Mr. Stewart may be best known for Stewart Pharmacy, long the anchor of Plaza Shopping Center. He started the business on Aug. 2, 1966.