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Commissioners take action to preserve $500K grant
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Warren County Commissioners unanimously accepted a measure that could prevent the loss of a federal Community Development Block Grant for $500,000 that was awarded nearly three years ago for building a water storage tank in West Warren-Viola Utility District.
As explained by County Commissioner Les Trotman to the full County Commission, the county will be asking the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development to allow the funds to be used on water line replacement because land acquisition is delaying building a water tank and the deadline for using the grant is going to expire.
“The land that was selected by the engineers still has some issues,” said Trotman. “Rather than lose these funds, we are looking at changing the scope of the work. This has been recommended by the state.”
The resolution asking the state if the county can use the funds to upgrade existing water lines that connect West Warren, McMinnville and Warren County Utility District rather than the water tank was written by James C. Hailey & Co.
Hailey, who was in attendance at the meeting, says part of the funds will be used to replace an asbestos cement line that was placed about 50 years ago.
“What we are going to do is replace a water line that was one of the first placed in the county in the early 1960s. It was Viola Utility District, originally. It goes down Highway 127 and 108. This line is an asbestos cement line, six inch. It’s in bad condition. Rather than lose the funds, we are going to replace that line,” said Hailey.
According to Hailey, there will be no change in service for anyone in the areas of the work. The new project was selected because it can be complete prior to the deadline and completing this project will allow the county to apply for another grant.
“This work will not create a change in service for anybody,” said Hailey. “We are just going to replace that old line. This is something the utility district has had on its radar to do and this is something we felt like we could get done within the time limit that has been given to us by the state. Also, once we get that done, it will release the funding so the county can apply for another Community Development Block Grant.”
The measure passed 23-0. Absent from the meeting was County Commissioner Kenneth Rogers.