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Cocaine charge dropped in plea
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A man got 60 days for lying to police but nothing for possession of cocaine as part of a plea bargain that also allowed his female friend to go free.
The defendant, Robert Kilgore, 23, entered a guilty plea before General Sessions Judge Bill Locke to the charge of criminal impersonation and was directed to serve 60 days of a six-month sentence. In consideration of his guilty plea, the additional charge of simple possession of cocaine was dismissed.
Meanwhile, the charge of child neglect against the mother, Talina N. Padgett Jantes, 26, was dismissed. She was charged because the cocaine found during the raid of her apartment was stored in a place where her children, ages 4 and 5, could have grabbed and ingested it.
They were arrested after police received a tip the children were around where cocaine was present. When police arrived, they found a small amount of cocaine hidden in the bathroom in a tampon box.
Despite it being held in a tampon box, Jantes claimed the cocaine belonged to Kilgore. Police believed her story and ended up not charging her with possession.
Kilgore’s jail time comes after he handed police a fake ID when he was confronted about the cocaine. Police realized Kilgore was wanted on an outstanding warrant and took him into custody.