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Class holds its 70th reunion
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Members of Central High School’s class of 1941 held their 70th class reunion recently. The class was the last to graduate before World War II.
“We had a great time,” said Everett Brock Sr. “It’s always great to get together and see people you haven’t seen since last year. We hope we can do it again next year.”
The United States declared war Dec. 11, 1941 after the Japanese raided Pearl Harbor in the early morning hours of Dec. 7. Most of the young men in the 1941 graduating class enlisted or were drafted.
Brock says the class came out of high school and lost the best years of their lives in service. Instead of pursuing dreams of college, job, marriage or children, they went to war and that part of their lives was put on hold.
According to the 1941 yearbook:
• Kathleen Malone wanted to put Viola on the map
• Stella Womack wanted to be an old maid
• Everett Brock wanted to be a journalist
• Betty Yager wanted to be a kindergarten teacher
• Lendel Conley wanted to be an FBI man
• John Williams wanted to be a lawyer
• Ray Spivey wanted to be a millionaire at 20
• Eugene Gribble wanted to be a farmer
• J.D. Mullican wanted to own the Sweet Shop
The 2011 reunion had nine in attendance. Along with Brock, Ray Spivey, Eugene Christian, Mildred Glenn, Arlene Gross, Lendel Conley, Willie Mayes, Charles A. Jones, Virginia Roy Bragg and Betty (Yager) Lively were there.
“It was real nice and we have a real good time,” said Lively. “I usually only get to see my classmates during the reunion, but we have fun when we get together. I regret that we didn’t take a group picture. Maybe next year.”
Gross says they chose Billy’s Restaurant in Newtown for their 70th reunion and it was the right choice to make. The restaurant allowed them to decorate the tables with dogwood, magnolia blossoms in bowls with blue-colored water, and use candles.
“And, the food was really good,” she added. “It was the best reunion we have ever had. Since it was our 70th reunion and maybe our last, we wanted it to be special. If we have another one, it will be at Billy’s.”
In 1941, the class containing 81 seniors was believed to be the largest to come out of Central High School. Bobby Ray Memorial Elementary is where Central was located and uses parts of the original building.