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Clamping down on cancer
Walgreen's employee Megan Tate was apprehensive about her time in the dunking booth at Relay for Life.

Professional wrestlers have their own unique way of supporting the fight against cancer.
"If we raise enough money tonight, one of us will get slammed through this table," said Brent Powers from his Relay for Life booth Friday night.
Powers and fellow wrestler Tim Jernigan were busy signing autographs and chatting with fans at the annual fundraiser held at Nunley Stadium. They wrestle every Saturday night at the old cheese plant on the bypass.
"Both my parents passed away recently from cancer so I'm glad to do this," said Jernigan.
Asked their favorite weapon inside the ring, the two didn't have a clear-cut favorite, but they both dislike the ever-present folding chair.
"We hate the chair," said Powers. "About the only thing worse is getting hit with a street sign."
Down the way, Walgreen's employee Megan Tate was taking her turn in the dunking booth. She was wincing with every throw.
"The water is a little cold and it's so dirty," said Tate, who didn't want to get dunked.
"Make sure they stand far enough away," she barked to her co-workers running the booth. "They are getting too close, way too close."
River Park employee Ron Cole was one of the many people who took advantage of the Dr. Seuss theme. He and his grandson, Noah Argo, wore Cat in the Hat attire. When at work, Cole can be found in the dietary department.
"If you get sick, we'll feed you real well," he said.