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Civic Center looks to add more security
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Two new part-time security positions have been proposed for McMinnville Civic Center that will add $47,290 in additional salaries to this year’s budget.
The security officers were proposed by Parks and Recreation director Scott McCord during a Parks and Recreation Committee meeting Wednesday night.
“We have a couple new categories, one being part-time security,” McCord said. “That will be two officers at 32 hours each week. That will help with security and keeping the park safe. They won’t be cleaning, but they will be making sure people aren’t trashing it. They will not be carrying weapons.”
The department will be working with McMinnville Police Department to establish a job description for the security officers. City administrator David Rutherford says current security at the facility could lead to a job within the police department.
“If this works out like we think, it may be a feeder program for our police department,” Rutherford said. “When we need a police officer, sometimes we get a good number of candidates to apply. Sometimes, we get a good number of non-qualified candidates to apply.”
Two custodial positions are also included in the budget to work part time at 25 hours a week at minimum wage. One custodian would work at night, with the second working during the day.
“Hopefully, the one working at night can keep our facility clean and ready to open the next morning so our maintenance guys don’t have to come in and spend a few hours cleaning,” said McCord.
He also wants to establish an “on-call setup crew” for events held at the Civic Center. Those individuals would also be paid minimum wage and would only be called to work during events.
“We have some events that take two, three and sometimes four days to set up and break down,” McCord said. “This way, the maintenance crew is doing things they need to do for those days and not setting up or breaking down.”
The new positions are part of a $1.8 million proposed budget for Parks and Recreation for fiscal year 2012-13. The budget passed unanimously in committee Wednesday with Everett Brock and Junior Medley voting for it. Jimmy Haley was absent.
With McCord being a recent addition to the department, Brock says all eyes are on him to turn the facility around.
“No pressure, but we are all watching you,” he said, with a smile. “That facility has been without a director for about two years. We are interested to see what changes you will make.”
Since it was built 37 years ago, the Civic Center has been painted once and has undergone no significant maintenance work or updates, other than the geothermal system installed in the last few years.
“Everybody knows there is a lot of work to be done,” said Rutherford to Brock. Keeping the humor going, he added, “This is why you weren’t introduced to the board before you agreed to take the job, Scott. I didn’t want them to scare you off.”
McCord says he is working on a list of capital outlay projects that will reverse direction and take the facility from shabby to sheik.
“We should have that list ready for your review in about six weeks,” he said.
The proposed budget must still pass the Finance Committee, followed by two reads before the full board. Changes can be made to the budget any time during the progress.