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City votes to pay for TV segment
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McMinnville officials have agreed to participate in “Today in America” with Terry Bradshaw. The segment could feature the natural aspects found in Warren County.
The measure passed 4-1 Tuesday with Mayor Norman Rone and Aldermen Jimmy Haley, Billy Wood and Clair Cochran voting in favor of it. Alderman Rick Barnes voted against it.
A five-minute segment will cost the city $19,800, be a promotional video for “Best Places to Live, Work and Play” in the community, and will air in the show’s “Rediscover America” series.
In voting against it, Barnes questioned the expenditure given the lack of actual attractions within the city limits.
“If we get people here, what are they going to do?” he asked. “What we need to focus on is kayaking. Kayaking is something families can do together. It’s good for your health, and it’s economical.”
Haley questioned what would be featured in the video and who would decide the content.
“I don’t know what we would be putting in there, which gave me a little hesitation on doing this,” he said. “Who will be deciding what goes in? Will it be this board that decides? Do we have enough stuff to promote?”
City administrator David Rutherford says the board can generate a list of local attractions to chose from, such as the natural aspects in Warren County of city-owned parks, Cumberland Caverns and Rock Island State Park.
“It won’t be difficult to fill five minutes,” city administrator David Rutherford said. “If anything, it will be the opposite. We will have too much to chose from. We could also use geographic location. We are close to big cities.”
The city would retain the rights to the video, which Rutherford says could be used for years as long as the video is done the right way.
“If we do this in a timeless manner, rather than putting a date on it, this would be a good marketing tool for four to five years,” Rutherford said.
While Wood voted in favor of the measure, he warned fellow board members of the eventual backlash.
“When we do this, we should be prepared to take it on the chin like we did when we sponsored Bluegrass Underground,” Wood said. “That show has become a big hit, but we were highly criticized for sponsoring it. We will be criticized again by people who won’t come to the meetings to see what it’s about.”